1-Year Performance Course

For Adults (18+)

In this advanced 1-year performance course, for adults who have completed the "Acting for Stage" program, participants will explore theatre at a higher and deeper level. Throughout the course, participants will dive into advanced acting techniques, develop characters, and explore the nuances of dramatic storytelling. 

In this immersive course the participants will collaborate closely over 9 months to bring a complete play to life on stage for two final performances in a theatre, including the use of lights, sound, costume and set.

Please note: This course is for fun, with no qualification outcome at the end. This is also not a business theatre course, and although elements of the course could support your job, it is not offered for that purpose.

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On registering for this course, you are agreeing to taking part in all 3 terms.

Payment can be made in full OR in 3 instalments. Details on the registration form.

Instalment payments: 

Your workshop leader will be Vivian Takahashi. To find out more about Vivs and the ETD team, CLICK HERE

For more information or questions, feel free to contact us at education@english-theatre-duesseldorf.de. For registration form, see below.

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