"All the World's a Stage" - Accessing Shakespeare

Workshop Name: "All the World's a Stage" - Accessing Shakespeare

Age Group: 10th Grade Upwards

Maximum Number of Workshop Participants: 20 Students

Location: we come to your school (a suitable large room/Saal would need to be provided by the school)

Length of Workshop: 3 Hours (4 School Periods of 45 Minutes)

Price: €350 (Netto)

*schools further than 50km from Düsseldorf HBF will also be charged travel expenses at 0,30€ per km.

This workshop is also available to extend to a full day or multiple days session, suitable for a longer ProjektWoche activity. Please specify in the Inquiry Form below, if you would be interested in a longer version of this workshop.

*PLEASE NOTE - we do not have our own workshop space/theater. We ideally come to your school or a space the school can hire. In Düsseldorf a space could potentially be hired, if one can be arranged, but this would be at the expense of the school.

This workshop aims to encourage students to actively engage with Shakespeare by bringing it, as intended, onto the stage. It will explore the context of Shakespeare's plays and allow students to work with and experience his unique dialogue on a physical level. 

By working on scenes from a Shakespeare play of choice (Romeo &  Juliet / Macbeth seem to be school favourites, but the choice is yours!), students will access the playwright, his characters and his themes in a new way. This will leave them feeling comfortable to both read and watch Shakespeare's work, as well as making it their own. 

In diesem Workshop setzen sich die Schüler*innen aktiv mit Shakespeares Texten und Charakteren auseinander – schließlich hat Shakespeare für die Bühne geschrieben, nicht für den Schreibtisch. Der Workshop wird den Kontext von Shakespeares Stücken erkunden und es den Schülern*innen ermöglichen, mit Shakespeare zu arbeiten und seinen einzigartigen Dialog auf der physischen Ebene zu erleben. 

Durch die Arbeit an Szenen aus einem Shakespeare-Stück Ihrer Wahl (Romeo & Julia / Macbeth scheinen die Favoriten der Schule zu sein, aber die Wahl liegt bei Ihnen!) werden die Schülerinnen und Schüler einen neuen Zugang zum Dramatiker, seinen Figuren und Themen finden. Auf diese Weise können sie Shakespeares Werk nicht nur lesen und sehen, sondern es auch zu ihrem eigenen Werk machen. 


"It was really interesting and almost exactly like I expected it to be! The longer it went on the more comfortable I got with acting."

"It was marvellous to do some acting again and the experience was splendid :)"

"I totally agree with them. It was an amazing experience and real fun. I would definitely be interested in a drama group at school :)"

"I agree too, it was an amazing experience and nice to see how different the perspectives can be just by changing the emphasis a bit!"

Students from  Gymnasium Neustadt Wied


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