School Workshops

We can bring Theatre Workshops directly to you!


"Both groups had a lot of fun and it was great to see the students be creative in an uncommon setting. Some students really blossomed and enjoyed acting. We all benefitted to get out of the classroom by taking a different approach."


"they really have the feeling, they could take something from the workshop besides understanding Shakespeare better, namely, confidence in presenting themselves and improvement of their presentation skills (especially in terms of use of voice, gesture/facial expression etc.)"


"there wasn't any part with which the students felt uncomfortable and I think that's partly because they know each other well/like each other but first and foremost due to the atmosphere you created"

Trailer for an Educational Theatre Workshop at Erich - Kästner Gesamtschule, Essen, on the theme of 'Globalisation'

We currently offer Four Specialised Workshops on individual topics that are brought directly to your school.

 These workshops will offer your students a unique experience to develop their English language skills, whilst exploring important topics relevant to the school curriculum and current global issues. Our experienced Theatre Pedagogues will utilise theatre exercises and techniques, to encourage group collaboration, language confidence and provide students with a unique opportunity to take centre stage to express their creativity, opinions and feelings about different themes.

Find out more information about each of our specialised workshops below, and how you can book our visit to your school.


*we do not have our own workshop space. We ideally come to you or if this is not posible, a space can be hired in Düsseldorf, but at the expense of the school.

*schools further than 50km from Düsseldorf HBF will also be charged travel expenses at 0,30€ per km.

Drawing by and copyright of Dagmar Gosejacob 2023


For 9th Grade Upwards

For 9th and 10th Grade

For photos of previous school workshops, please visit our Gallery.