One-Off Musical Theatre Jazz Dance Workshop

Discover your inner performer in our one-off Musical Theatre Jazz Dance Workshop for adults! This energetic session is designed for all levels, from beginners to experienced dancers, who want to explore the world of musical theatre jazz.

Participants will: Learn dance techniques and routines inspired by popular musical theatre productions, improve flexibility, coordination, and rhythm in a supportive environment and gain confidence and expressiveness through movement.

Join us for an exciting, high-energy workshop that celebrates the joy of dance and musical theatre!

No previous dance experience required. Bring yourself, your pzazz and dress in all black!

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Schelaine Bennett is a South African born actor who established her career on the international scene in 2006. Her passion and versatility have led her to the spotlight for commercials, movies and TV series such as Love on Safari (Hallmark USA), Good Omens (Amazon Prime), Red Sea Diving Resort (Netflix) and Unseen (Netflix).

Straight after her graduation in Performing Arts (Dance, Drama & Musical Theatre) in 2007 she explored Live television as a Broadcaster for a daily show called Hectic Nine9. She subsequently found herself booked on numerous drama series where she embodied different roles. 

Currently based in Germany, Schelaine enjoys a fruitful acting career and also utilizes her skillset behind the scene as a Dance & Drama teacher, Performance Coach and Casting Director for all age groups.