One-Off Theatre Direction Workshop

This one-off workshop will introduce you to the fundamental principles of theatre directing, helping you develop and understand your inner creative voice and skills. 

Through interactive exercises and group discussions, you’ll explore the process of transforming your ideas from concept to stage into a cohesive theatrical production. 

From an overlook of the tasks of script analysis, communicating ideas and working with actors, staging, sound, lights, and all the main theatrical processes, you’ll understand the director’s role and the essential elements required to create and lead a theatrical experience.

No previous experience required. 

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Marianne grew up in Viña del Mar, Chile, and pursued an interdisciplinary degree in Arts and Humanities at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She specialised in the Theory and Practice of the Scene, with minors in Universal Literature and Psychology. She later relocated to London to pursue a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Directing for Stage and Screen, graduating in 2023. During her time in London, she gained experience as an assistant director, stage manager, writer, director, and producer. In her last work, she developed a play titled 'Alerta,' for which she served as the writer, producer, and director. The play premiered in July 2023 at the Bread and Roses Theatre in London to remarkable success. Recently, Marianne moved to Düsseldorf and is actively exploring teaching and facilitating roles with the ETD. Through her work, she seeks to empower artists and performers to embrace their personal and cultural backgrounds, contributing to a larger universal emotional narrative. She advocates for a diverse, inclusive, multicultural, and gender perspective within creative spaces. She remains dedicated to using art as a powerful tool for social justice and community connection.