'Shakespeare am Rhein'

Romeo & Juliet

Original English Language Shakespeare outside in the Kaiserpfalz Castle Ruins.

"SHAKESPEARE AM RHEIN - Romeo & Juliet" - 11th - 22nd June 2022

Graphic Design by David Zügel

"If we look around the world, we unfortunately can still find historical and learned hatred between two parties everywhere. Despite this, we continue to hope that the useless sacrifices of this timeless prejudice will eventually be recognised. We advocate for and hold on to the idea that one day it may be triumphed. In this respect, ROMEO & JULIET continues to remain a relevant story and one that can serve as a blueprint for countless conflicts throughout time, not only globally and socially, but also within our personal lives.

Our performance of ROMEO & JULIET will tell the love story of two young women. The Kaiserpfalz Ruins are the ideal venue for this story, bringing its own history to the stage; evoking memories and depicting how the play’s theme of hate under the threat of love, has created physical alterations to the space. The audience will sit enraptured within the calm, powerful atmosphere of the ruins, to enjoy a unique summer evening."

We are thrilled to announce that English Theatre Düsseldorf will be performing Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’, directed by Michael Schäfer, outside, in the beautiful Kaiserpfalz Ruins, Kaiserswerth from 11th - 22nd June 2022. Uniting a team of creatives from across Europe and the USA, we present to you ‘Shakespeare Am Rhein!

Due to scenes of light violence we would recommend this play for children aged 13+.

Photo by Owen Baldwin-Evans

To make this project happen and to truly bring the world of Romeo & Juliet to life in this incredible space, we need your support! Any support that you can offer will go directly to funding production costs such as location hire, light and sound equipment hire and our artists' work. Every donation made will bring us a step closer to allowing this project to take place.

Check out our "Shakespeare am Rhein" page to find out more about the project, get behind the scenes glimpses into the creative process, learn about our amazing location and meet our talented team of Cast and Creatives!

We are hugely grateful for any support that you can provide!

It’s time to build our ‘fair Verona’!


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English Theatre Düsseldorf is a professional English-speaking theatre company based in Düsseldorf. The group was founded in January 2018 by Rosie Thorpe (artistic director) and Ilya Parenteau (artistic co-director) and offers theatre performances in English as well as theatre workshops for children and adults. English Theatre Düsseldorf has set itself the goal of offering professional, English-speaking theatre for non-native speakers. They work together with professional, native-speaking actors and international creatives to perform English language plays in a truly authentic way. This offer is unique in NRW. That is why the catchment area is far beyond the borders of Düsseldorf. The target audiences are English native speakers and non-native speakers, which makes it a perfect match for the state capital Düsseldorf, an international cultural centre with internationally renowned art and culture scene, four international schools and a diverse "expat community". Against this background, the English Theatre Düsseldorf would like to further enrich the cultural offerings of the city of Düsseldorf.

English Theatre Düsseldorf GbR ist eine englischsprachige Theatergruppe mit Sitz in Düsseldorf. Die Gruppe wurde im Januar 2018 von Rosie Thorpe (künstlerische Leiterin) und Ilya Parenteau (künstlerischer Co-Regisseur) als GbR gegründet und bietet Theateraufführungen in englischer Sprache sowie Theaterworkshops für Kinder und Erwachsene an. English Theatre Düsseldorf hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, professionelles, englischsprachiges Theater für Nicht-Muttersprachler anzubieten. Sie arbeiten mit professionellen, muttersprachlichen Schauspielern und internationalen Kreativen zusammen, um englischsprachige Stücke authentisch aufzuführen. Dieses Angebot ist einzigartig in NRW. Deshalb liegt das Einzugsgebiet weit über die Grenzen Düsseldorfs hinaus. Das Zielpublikum sind englische Muttersprachler und Nicht-Muttersprachler. Damit passt es perfekt zur Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, einem internationalen Kulturzentrum mit einer international renommierten Kunst- und Kulturszene, vier internationalen Schulen und einer vielfältigen "Expat-Community". Vor diesem Hintergrund möchte das English Theatre Düsseldorf, als einzige professionelle englischsprachige Theatergruppe in Nordrhein-Westfalen, das kulturelle Angebot der Stadt Düsseldorf weiter bereichern.