'The Dreaming Tree' Show

Kindergarten and Primary School Teachers - look no further!

'The Dreaming Tree' by Julie Stearns and Peter Krahl

We offer a magical socially distanced children's show and workshop called 🎁THE DREAMING TREE 🌿by Julie Stearns & Peter Krahl, to bring into schools for children in Grades 1 to 3 and for KITA children aged 3+. Please have a read of the poster below to find out more about this uniquely imaginative and interactive play.

If you are interested in us visiting your school or KITA or have further questions, please email Olivia at education@english-theatre-duesseldorf.de or call her at 015755001201

Photos of 'The Dreaming Tree' by Julie Stearns and Peter A. Krahl